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PRISM© is a free program for seismic response analysis of structures idealized as single-degree-of-freedom systems. The main features of the program include modification of earthquake records, calculation of response time histories of various hysteresis models, and generation of elastic and inelastic response spectra.

Main features are:

·         Modification and correction of earthquake records

-      Scaling and truncation of earthquake records

-      Baseline correction

-      Calculation of Arias intensity

·         Inelastic response history analysis

-      Application of various hysteresis models: Linear elastic, Bi-linear, Tri-linear,

    Modified Takeda, Bouc-Wen, and Al-Bermani

-      Calculation of acceleration, velocity, and displacement response histories

-      Monitoring force-displacement relationships

·         Generation of response spectra

-      Generation of elastic spectra

-      Generation of constant-ductility inelastic spectra

-      Representation of spectra in various formats





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설계 지반가속도 및 스펙트럼 산정 프로그램







Fragility analysis program for generic structures parameterized by their fundamental response characteristics (period, strength ratio, damping).






Last Updated on Jan. 5, 2015

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